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It’s hard to believe, but PRETTY’s Stacy McQueen and I have known each other for over 18 years.  We’ve shared good times and bad times, happy times and sad times, and I can honestly say we’re best friends.  So who better to interview one another? 

We decided to ask each other TEN RANDOM QUESTIONS.  And here’s how we answered ‘em:




1.  I've written you 3 different Annettes to play in 3 different shows:  What's your favorite quality of each of them?


I loved the first Annette (from the play "Define Crazy") because she was nuts and I got to scream and threaten to pepper spray someone w/ breath spray.  The second Annette (from the musical "The King And I Know What You Did Last Summer") was actually pretty close to the third one huh? She was five-ish but Asian & retarded. I loved getting to do the sock puppet show with my feet. 

I love PRETTY's  Annette best because she's such a clean slate and pretty much lives in the moment.  She's not precocious or phony.  My favorite is when I get to say completely and utterly inappropriate things and have no idea I'm saying inappropriate things.


2.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?  


Florence, Italy - right outside Florence I should say. That place is so freaking magical.  I love Venice too and would live there for six months happily. OKAY ITALY.  I'm happy to say where I'm living right now is really rocking my world.  First time ever I can actually say that I LOVE where I live.


3.   Right off the top of your head, don't think about it, just answer:  From when we filmed Season 1 of PRETTY - What's the first thing that comes your mind?


Happy happy fun fun.  That moment I realized that I was surrounded by people I love 

and trusted and all I had to do is have fun.  Watching my best friend be so comfortable w/ running the crew and cast and never once losing his cool.  Nice to have your director give you an encouraging wink after a take.  I love that we know each other well enough that we speak in code.  "Less drunk, Stacy" - "got it."


4.  What makes you happy?


Remembering what a wonderful magical world this is.  Loving/and feeling loved by friends and family.  Making people laugh.  Helping people.  Trees. Raw green smoothies. Finding the perfect gift for someone. Cupcakes from Auntie Em.  Rain. Animals. Swimming in KV's pool. A good meal w/ a great glass of wine (Osteria La Bucca - hint hint).  Laughing fits. Hula hooping in the light of a full moon.  When my friends succeed.  When I succeed.  


5.  If I called you up and told you I adopted a daughter and I'm putting her into pageants, what would you say to me?  


First I'd laugh like a loon (cuz you hate kids) then I'd call CPS. 


6.  You got your peanut butter in my chocolate or I got my chocolate in your peanut butter?  


Two great taste that taste great together. 


7.  Describe your acting/creating/writing process?  


Despite all my training - I don't think I came into my own until I quit the business ten years ago

and started just getting on stage and talking.  Once I threw out all the bullshit - what I THOUGHT acting was and realized that all I have is myself and all that I have to do is be myself and what delights me will delight others.... and to TRUST that's really all I can offer or all that I need.

MINDBLOWING.  My process now is to come from myself, trusting AND HAVE FUN - that's actually first and foremost.  Since teaching myself to edit, I realize editing plays a huge role in a performance.  Takes the pressure off.  Most times, you can make something almost out of nothing. My goal is to just give em enough good junk to choose from.  I’m in awe of this new way - I'm glad that I stuck around long enough to experience it.


8.  Is Michael Champagne gay?


Absolutely not.  Why do you ask that?


9.  Who is/are your idol(s)? 


Ruth Gordon is a big role model for me.  Not only for her performances in Rosemary's Baby and Harold and Maude (two of my favorite films), but she was a prolific writer and so f'n bold.  One of my favorite quotes is "Never give up and never face the facts" – Amen, sister.  She didn't get her first movie role until she was 45.  I love that.  Of course for comedy no one still to this day holds a candle to Lucy.   I adore Steve Martin.  Katherine Hepburn.  


10.  What's the best thing about playing a 5, now 6 year old character? 


She's a clean slate.  Very little ego - just kinda a happy spirit.  My inner dialogue is mostly “La la la SHINY la la la CANDY la la la GIMME A CROWN…”  Oh and finally having a body like a toddler comes in handy.  Tutus are my friend.  I don't think 'I'm playing a five year old.' 

In fact I try not to think too much.  FUN!




1.  What’s your fantasy outcome for PRETTY?


An Emmy Award winning, Golden Globe Award winning, highly sued by “Toddlers & Tiaras,” funny-as-hell, everyone is talking about it, comedy television show that runs for five years and goes out on top.


2.  More importantly, what’s the first thing you’re going to buy me when you start raking in TV dough?


Cable.  McQueen.  Seriously.  Or at least an antenna for your TV.  Actually, I think the first thing I will buy you – and this is 100% the truth – is a cocktail of your choice as we sit upstairs at La Boheme in West Hollywood as we laugh about nothing at all. 


3.  What scares you the most?


Not having a voice – not being heard.


4.  What do you believe in?


I believe in potential.  And I celebrate the people around me who embrace their own and that which exists in others.  It’s there for everyone.  You just have to be open to it.  I also believe in unicorns named Gumdrop, mountains named Gumdrop and the number 8.


5.  Do you believe this is a friendly universe?


I don’t know if “friendly” is the adjective I would use.  I believe this universe is what we make of it.  If you live your life disconnected, life is just a buncha stuff that just kinda happens – then you are disconnected and stuff for you is just gonna kinda happen.  If you connect within yourself, then you are – and can be – as much a part of this universe as you want and choose to be.  I live my life fearless – or as close to fearless as one can allow oneself to live. 


6.  Any chance you’ll ever write yourself into PRETTY?  If not, why?  Because you’re pretty damn funny.  If so, what role would you like to play?


A lotta people seemed surprised to hear, when I first wrote PRETTY, “You’re NOT playing the part of Michael Champagne?”  Which is both kinda a compliment – “Aww, you think I’m funny!” – and kinda an insult – “Aww, you think I’m kinda self-involved!”  I learned a long time ago when to step back and do what’s best for the project, whatever project it may be I’m working on it.  For instance, SLIDESHOW, the monthly comedy show I’ve been running for going on 5 years now in Hollywood, I host and perform in it.  That makes sense to me.  My playing Michael never did – I wasn’t the right look, plus I’ve got the New Jersey accent that I fight to hide.  So I guess my answer is MAYBE.  A BIG MAYBE.  As for what role I would like to play, MAYBE something in a fantasy sequence a la Teen Angel in GREASE, where I give Michael some much needed advice.


7.  What’s the hardest part about working with your best friend?  (Me, not Terri).


Terri is gonna laugh and laugh at that last remark.  The hardest part working with any friends – best of less than best – is when you have to crack the whip – like if we’re running behind and losing light outside for a shot we need to get and you have to be the director dude and not everyone’s pal.  You don’t want to be a dick, but there’s work to be done.  You and I, specifically, like you stated above, we have almost our own secret language, where you know exactly where I’m going with a thought and I know exactly where you’re going with an idea.  So it’s not that hard.  I guess the hardest part is really not wanting to disappoint you – hoping that I’m giving you all that you need to do your best.


8.  What is the best part about working with your best friend?  (Me, not that Jan Brady Gal).


I’m starting to think you’re a little jealous of other blondes – cuz the only two people you mentioned are Terri and Jen – and they’re both…wait for it…blondes.  The best part is all the laughter.  Period. 


9.  If money wasn’t an issue, what lunch would you provide us besides Subway?


You bitches got pizza too!  No one ever brings up the pizza!  It’s always the Subway!  Answering your question:  I’d hire Giatta De Laurentis from the Food Network to create individual Italian lunches for each and every cast and crew member, fresh, made-to-order, and delicious.


And the most important question of all:


10.  When we buy our side by side mansions, are we going to share the pool boy or have separate ones?


We’ll share, of course.  It’ll be that blonde dude we saw that night at Osteria La Buca, remember him?  Why am I asking ‘remember him’ when I know you remember him?  Good God, he was good work, wasn’t he? 


No, for reals, last question:


10.  What’s the biggest lesson you learned from shooting Season 1?


It’s a tie between go with your gut and enjoy yourself.  But then that’s how I feel about life in general.


More soon,


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