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Groovy Web Series: A 'Pretty' Season Finale

I was planning to feature five web series last week, but then I decided to wait and blog about Pretty after its season finale debuted yesterday. For those of you who might not be familiar with this new mockumentary show by writer and director Steve Silverman, I sang its praises here on the Dish last month, calling it "one helluva hoot" with "a wicked and sharp sense of humor" and "a first-rate cast of comedic actors." And having watched the final three episode since then, I can safely say that Pretty is still one of the best and funniest web series currently airing. So if you're a fan of Christopher Guest films (Waiting for Guffman,Best in Show), I highly recommend that you check out Pretty and all its hilarious characters:

Michael Champagne (Sam Pancake): A proud pageant father who believes that "tan girls win pageants - like Miss Vanessa Williams."

Annette Champagne (Stacy McQueen): Michael's precocious 5-year-old daughter who causes a scandal at the Miss Star Eyes Pageant.

Ribina Champagne (Dee Freeman): Michael's unfaithful wife who comes to a shocking realization in the season finale.

Ethan Champagne (Troy Conrad): Michael's brother who is a "free agent" when it comes to sex.

Parker Kensington-Parker (Terri Simmons): The Director of the Miss Star Eyes Pageant whose sexual shenanigans eventually catch up to her.

Royce Adams (Michael Taylor Gray): The flamboyant Asst. Pageant Director - and a former teen idol - who is only one bullet away from running the show.

Pretty's season finale does end on a major cliffhanger, but this just makes me look forward even more to a second fizzy season of "Champagne" bubbly. You can watch the final three episodes below, and to see the entire series, go to the show's website atwww.prettytheseries.com or its YouTube channel. You can also become a Facebook fan or a Twitter follower of the series. 

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